About 7 days ago in Dholpur, a Muslim man was hacked to death by cutting him into 8 pieces while offering prayers. Some pieces of his head, hands and feet are still missing. The entire police of Dholpur district is engaged in his search. Until those pieces are found the body is kept in the morgue and the police are searching for the murderers.

The policemen lost their sweat in the cold

Police on Monday arrested 65-year-old Mahesh Das on charges of murder. He was trying to escape from Rajasthan. During 2 days, when his track record was investigated, the policemen were sweating in the cold winter. He was living with two of his friends in an old cave near Chamda Mata Temple in Dholpur.

The priest of Mata’s temple was given a painful death

Dholpur police said that Maha Muddin, who was offering prayers at Chamad Mata’s temple located in the hilly area in Kanchanpur police station area, was killed. Mahamuddin had been worshiping in Mata’s temple for 10 years and had converted to Hinduism. At first the police thought that there was a Hindu-Muslim angle in this whole incident, but everything became clear when Mahesh Das was caught on Monday.

was living in a cave with two of his friends

Mahesh Das told the police that he was living with two of his friends in a cave near Chamad Mata’s temple, had a good conversation with the priest Maha Muddin and people used to exchange food and drink. Mahesh Das told the police that a few days ago he had brought a plate from Mahamuddin, he was asking for the plate back. Seven days ago there was a dispute between Mahamuddin and Mahesh Das near the cave of Mahesh Das regarding this matter.

cut his partner into 8 pieces, the skull is not known

Mahesh and his two accomplices together beat Mahamuddin badly. Due to which he died. After beating him, they cut the dead body into 8 pieces with a wood cutter. Cut off the head, hands, legs and other organs and put them in different bags and throw them in the mountains and rivers.

This old monk turns out to be a famous goon of Uttar Pradesh

When the police searched the track record of Mahesh Das in 2 days, it was found that Mahesh Das is a resident of Uttar Pradesh. He is a history-sheeter crook of Mahawar police station in Kasganj district of Uttar Pradesh. His name is Zalim Singh and 8 cases of serious sections like attempt to murder are registered against him. Jalim Singh came to Dholpur Chamad Mata’s temple overnight a few years ago and then changed his name to Mahesh Das. People started considering him as a saint and started helping him. But when Jalim Singh committed a heinous murder in a minor dispute, everyone was shocked. The police is also on the lookout for two other accomplices of Mahesh Das alias Jalim Singh. Also searching for Mahamuddin’s head and three other body parts

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