You must have seen many cases of negligence of doctors. Including things like equipment falling or patient death due to stomach upset. But in Uttar Pradesh’s Rae Bareli, the negligence of the doctors is so serious that a person who came to get treatment for his leg was operated upon.

This serious incident is from Uttar Pradesh. Here in Rae Bareli, a person reached the hospital for treatment of severe leg ulcer.

The patient alleges that he used to frequently come to the hospital for treatment of his leg. In this sequence, when he once again went to the hospital, the doctors did not operate on his leg but on his stomach.

After this serious incident came to the fore, Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mahendra Maurya clearly said that these allegations are false. He told that the person had come here many times before to get his leg treated.

The man was asked to go to KGMC for treatment but he wants to stay here. When he was admitted to another ward, he started threatening the staff. He said he would rip open his stomach and trap everyone and he did just that. When he made an incision in her abdomen, the surgeon, Dr. Pradeep along with other staff reached the spot and stitched her abdomen. After this he was treated.

The doctors are saying that as soon as the patient got relief, he started making false allegations against the doctors and the entire hospital. At present, the entire matter is being investigated.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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