A rich businessman gave such a surprise gift to the people of his ancestral village that they were surprised. In one stroke the whole village became rich. All the people of the village had become millionaires. Now the villagers are expressing gratitude to this businessman.

Donated 58-58 lakh rupees to the villagers

Lee Jong-keun, the founder of property developer Booyong Group, is from South Korea. The 82-year-old businessman donated around Rs 58 lakh to the people of Anpyeong-ri, a small village in Suncheon city. He also distributed history books and toolsets among the students of the village.

Jong donated more than Rs 1500 crore

According to reports, a total of 280 families live in this Npyeong-ri village. Jong, the founder of Buyong Group, has given Rs 58 lakh each to all the families. Not only this, he has also gifted lakhs of rupees to his school friends. In total, Jong has donated more than Rs 1500 crore. People are praising his generosity.

childhood spent in poverty

According to Jong’s company, this money has been given to express gratitude to the people of the village. This donation was made from Jong’s personal funds. At one time when Jong was living in extreme poverty, some villagers supported him. Being able to do so now, he has distributed cash to express his gratitude.

Total assets around Rs 1.5 lakh crore

Jong began working as a real estate developer in the 1970s. Today his net worth is around Rs 1.5 lakh crore. He is one of the top richest people in South Korea. His story of becoming a business tycoon from a humble family is very inspiring. Jong is famous for charity. However, he has also been arrested for tax evasion and fraud.

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