Palamu, 8 July (Hindustan Times). Some farmers of Palamu, Garhwa and Latehar of the division have made their identity by cultivating flowers. Farmers are not only looking for possibilities in floriculture, but are also becoming self-sufficient by getting more profits. The pleasant results of flower farming have also come to the fore. All this has been possible due to the hard work of the farmers and the cooperation of the local administration. For this, flower plants were distributed among 459 farmers of the division by the Horticulture Department.

130 farmers cultivated flowers in Palamu

Saplings of Marigold and Gladiolus were made available to 130 farmers of Kankari, Basariya Kala, Salatua, Bandua etc panchayats of Chainpur Block area of ​​Palamu. Lalita Devi, Manju Devi of Basariya Kala of Chainpur, Ritu Devi of Sokra, Meena Devi and other women farmers cultivated flowers in small patches.

Saplings planted in 20 hectares in Latehar

Marigold and gladiolus flower plants were provided to 20 farmers in Latehar district. The farmers of Chandwa block area cultivated flowers for an area of ​​20 hectares after receiving them from the department. Mainly farmers like Rajendra Oraon, Nirmala Devi, Saguna Kumari etc. have increased their income by cultivating flowers.

175 farmers of Garhwa took marigold flowers

Roses were distributed to 60 farmers, gladiolus to 74 farmers and marigold plants to 175 farmers in Garhwa district. Arma Kushwaha, resident of Bankheta village of Arangi panchayat of Meral block of the district and Altaf Ansari, resident of Velawar of Ketar block, have also started flower cultivation. Farmers told that they have benefited a lot from flower farming as compared to other traditional farming. Seeing the good cultivation of flowers, his mind also gets elated. His respect has also increased and a separate identity has also been created in the area.

Sakil Ansari of Velawar, Jitendra Kumar Mehta of Ketar, Nasruddin Miyan of Makri, Pintu Malakar of Ranka etc. have also started flower cultivation. Apart from this, farmers in villages of various blocks like Karua Kala, Nagar Untari etc. are trying their best in flower cultivation.

Altaf planted flowers of different species

Altaf Ansari, a resident of Velawar in Ketar block, is cultivating flowers on one acre of land. He has cultivated flowers of different species like marigold, rose, tuberose, sunflower etc. His family is also helping in farming. Traders take flowers along with Ketar to Bhavnathpur, Kandi and Nagar Untari. Along with flowers, they also make and sell garlands. He has got cooperation from the Agriculture Department. Before this, he used to do traditional farming, but the profit was not as much as the profit made from flower farming.

low cost high profit

Arma Kushwaha of Arangi Bankheta of Meral told that due to the efforts of Agriculture-cum-Horticulture Officer, flower seeds were made available to him. The information about flower cultivation and its benefits were also explained, after which flower cultivation was started. Along with flowers, garlands are also made and sold. This is earning good income. There is a lot of benefit in floriculture. There is more profit in less cost. Nearby farmers also come to see flower farming and are getting information regarding it.

good income farmer

With the objective of increasing the income of the farmers of Garhwa, under the Horticulture Development Scheme and the State Horticulture Mission Scheme, marigold, rose and gladiolus saplings were made available to the farmers by the Horticulture Department. Along with this, they were also made aware. Now the farmers here are earning good income from flower cultivation and they have started becoming financially strong.

Floriculture will be encouraged

Palamu Horticulture Officer Shailendra Kumar said that marigold, gerbera and gladiolus plants were made available to 99 farmers in Chainpur block of the district. Its better trend was seen. Farmers are considering flower farming as an excellent system of income. Initially, flower plants were made available to the farmers for the purpose of flower cultivation at the cluster level in Chainpur.

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