If you want to live in the jungle, you have to follow its rules, regulations and laws. Whoever broke the rule, or tried to go against it, has to bear the brunt of it. Even if it is one of the most dreaded and dangerous animals of the jungle. According to the rules of the jungle, each animal has its own territory. Then animals do not tolerate anyone else’s interference in it. But that leopard broke the rules and directly messed with the ‘queen of the jungle’.

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By breaking the rules, the leopard directly messed with the ‘queen of the jungle’

Seeing the dominance of the lioness in the video shared on YouTube channel LatestSightings.com, you will also agree why she is called the queen of the jungle. As soon as the lioness saw a leopard walking in her area, she became so enraged that she breathed a sigh of relief only after chasing the leopard away from her house. The fierce form of the lioness will surprise you.

A leopard made a mistake by entering the lioness’s territory A leopard made a mistake by entering the lioness’s territory

In the tremendous viral video, a leopard is seen walking comfortably on the forest road. He wandered alone for a long time. But as soon as the queen of that area caught sight of him, without wasting time she attacked the leopard and made him realize his mistake. Actually the place where the leopard was roaming was the area of ​​the lioness. Where no one can come without their wish. But the leopard had entered the lioness’s territory by going against the rules of the jungle. That’s why the lioness taught him such a lesson that you too will be surprised.

Viral video of leopard and lioness clash Viral video of leopard and lioness clash

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The lioness got angry on seeing the leopard The lioness got angry on seeing the leopard

This rare video was captured by an 18-year-old student named Kayla du Toit in her camera. And described the occasion as one of the best and exciting moments in life. When the leopard accepted defeat in front of the threat of the lioness, he was seen running away from the queen’s area by pressing his tail. The video is amazing and awesome. Which has been seen more than 52 lakh times. The video was shared on YouTube in December 2020 itself. Which still makes me very excited.

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