Rachel Shelley, who played the character of Elizabeth in Aamir Khan’s film Lagaan, made everyone crazy with her acting. Rachel’s acting was well liked. In the film, Elizabeth used to teach cricket to the villagers and during this time she fell madly in love with Aamir Khan. Rachel has not appeared in any Bollywood film after Lagaan. Now after 22 years she is going to return to Indian cinema. He will be seen in the web series.

After playing the sister of a British officer, Rachel is returning to an Indian production. He will be seen in the upcoming web series Kohra on Netflix. She will be seen playing the main character in this series. Rachel will also be seen in Kohra alongside Barun Sobti, Suvinder Vicky, Varun Bardola and Harleen Sethi.

Oh! That is the matter

The Fog is an investigative drama. In which an NRI dies a day before the wedding. Regarding the casting of Rachel in the film, producer Sudeep Sharma said that Rachel was cast because they did not want to cast a white actor working in Mumbai. One of the reasons for casting Rachel was that she had worked in Lagaan and knew how things worked there. While rehearsing Rachel’s work, Sudeep Sharma said, “He is a great actor and his casting is perfect.”

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