The gross negligence of the hospital has come to the fore after the death of a daughter suffering from thalassemia in Rajkot’s civil hospital. When the relatives made serious allegations against the hospital system, they told the Civil Superintendent that the death was not due to reaction and we will get the matter investigated.

Vidhi Jitendrabhai Peeth was being treated at Rajkot Civil Hospital, there was a sudden reaction, the family members said that carelessness is being done in searching for the doctors who are treating them. A young daughter of Vidhi Jitendrabhai Pithwa, a first-year college student, dies and this middle-class family is devastated.

Health Minister Hrishikesh Patel has given a befitting reply on the death of Thalassemia victim Vidhi Pithwa in Rajkot. Minister Hrishikesh Patel replied that the ministers were not immediately aware of the incident happening in the state. Hrishikesh Patel said, “I cannot give details about anyone’s allegations, I will tell you the facts after investigation.” A girl child died in Rajkot Civil Hospital this morning, although the Health Minister was not informed about the incident during the day.

A daughter suffering from thalassemia has died due to reaction after blood transfusion at Rajkot Civil Hospital. People suffering from thalassemia have to undergo LR blood transfusion. A daughter has died due to blood transfusion without LR filter in civil. In Rajkot Civil, RCC is still transfused instead of filtered LR blood, as the response rate in patients is increasing due to RCC blood transfusion. If LR blood is transfused, the patient does not react.

As per blood bank rules, only LR blood should be transfused to children suffering from thalassemia. Rajkot Civil Hospital is breaking the rules. Due to non-availability of machines, RCC blood is transfused to patients in civil.

The special thing is that in this whole matter, a five-member team has been formed to investigate the death of Vidhi Pithwa. Experts associated with the operation of thalassemia have also been included in the team and investigation will be done in the direction of the cause of death of Vidhi Peeth. The family has claimed blood infection behind this death. Vidhi Peeth was transfused B negative blood since 14 years. This time too, investigation has been started whether B negative blood was transfused or not. Food and Drug Department officials are also involved in the investigation. The inquiry committee will submit the report to the Food and Drug Department and the City Superintendent.

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