Dhar, 20 December (HS). The marriage of Tabassum Hussain, daughter of Sadiq Hussain, located in Patel Colony of Manawar Nagar in the district, has created an atmosphere of discussion in Brisbane, Australia. When the groom Raja, who came from Australia on Sunday night, rode on a mare and took a procession in Sehra and Sherwani, people were left watching. Baraati was walking while dancing on Hindi songs. In the baraat, the groom’s mother Jennifer Rip was also seen dancing with her daughter-in-law’s relatives in joy at her son’s wedding. Tabassum’s relatives had made necessary preparations for the marriage.

In the two-day wedding, the groom is Ash Hanschild, a resident of Brisbane, Australia, while his brides are Tabassum Hussain, daughter of Manawar in Dhar district. Bride’s brother Rehan Ali told in conversation on Tuesday that there are parents and three sisters and two brothers in our family. Sister’s marriage has been done according to Indian tradition. He told that Tabassum and Ash Hanschild were identified when she went to Australia to study. The introduction turned into a love affair and the love story of the two began. Tabassum and Ash got married in Australia on August 2, 2022. After this Ash came to India to meet our family.

He told that according to the Indian culture, after the wishes of the parents, now the marriage was organized. Ash has come with his mother Jennifer to get married. Mehendi and Haldi program was done at our house on Saturday. The people of the city participated in it along with the society and after the reception on Sunday, the procession was taken out in the evening.

Bride Tabassum Hussain told that she had received the blessings of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. I got a scholarship to study in this. Later went to Australia to do Masters course, after studying there for two years I came to India and tried to find work, but I didn’t get any job so I again applied for PhD. I was also helped by the Government of Australia to the tune of one crore rupees. Due to this, I went to Australia and studied again. I met Ash. He respected my custom and we both decided to get married. Used to study in the same school. Groom Ash told that Tabassum and I used to study in the same school. We got married as per Indian customs. After retirement, we will stay in India only. Will do farming and goat rearing here.

Rahul Dev

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