Guwahati, 20 December (HS). Assam Governor Prof. Jagdish Mukhi said that sociologists who hold the key to social reform and change should suggest ways to use innovative technology to build a strong foundation of self-reliant India.

Speaking at the 47th All India Sociological Conference held at the University of Science and Technology in Meghalaya on Tuesday, the Governor said that sociologists who have deep insight and understanding of the social phenomena of the society can come up with technology-enabled suggestions to make India more self-reliant. should be provided. He said that sociologists’ emphasis on family and community at the micro and macro levels has given a new perspective to the understanding of India’s diverse social networks. Keeping this system of social network in mind, sociologists should give suggestions to strengthen the foundation of self-reliant India.

Acknowledging the role of sociologists like GS Ghurye, RK Mukherjee, DP Mukherjee, SC Dubey, MN Srinivas, the Governor said that they contributed greatly to the better understanding of people belonging to different tribes, ethnicities, caste and class. This understanding strengthened the edifice of harmonious coexistence of the country.

Pro. Mukhi said she was happy that the organizers had chosen the theme “Hundred Years of Sociology in India: Exploring Trajectories for the Future”, which according to her would help strengthen the country. He said that the deliberations that would take place as a part of the conference would help in evolving comprehensive policies for better governance.

Pro. Mukhi said that he is happy that USTM, which is one of the youngest universities, is organizing the 47th All India Sociological Conference, where more than a thousand sociologists have gathered from different parts of India. He said that in the ‘Amrit Kaal’ to mark the next 25 years of India’s independence, India is laying more emphasis on science and technology. In this Amrit Kaal, scientific innovations are expected to rule the future of the nation. The students of today will have the responsibility of shaping the India of 2047. Therefore, it is imperative that students are given their due exposure to science technology to develop their sociological outlook backed by scientific temper.

USTM Vice Chancellor Prof. GD Sharma, President of Indian Sociological Society Prof. Abha Chauhan, Padma Shri Professor TK Oommen, Prof. in Sociological Conference. Emeritus, Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi and Former Chairman ISS, Prof. Manish K. Vema, faculty members and students etc. were present.

Rahul Dev

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