Bhilwara (Vijay Garhwal – Prahlad Teli) Kothari river, the lifeline of Bhilwara, is littered with encroachment, pollution and filth, Raj Saint Mahajan and the public will have to come forward to make it immortal again, but all these selfish clans have forgotten to say this. The water man is of Rajendra Singh. Today, taking stock of the Kothari river, he said that seeing the life-giving river, he does not feel like standing here even for a moment, which is considered as the mother, has been made the mother of fairs, dirty drains everywhere. The river has been mixed with encroachment, heaps of filth are there and its water has been stopped above. Due to which the condition of the river has worsened, he pointed to Babulal Jaju and said that he has done one thing right by going to the NGT to remove the encroachment, but to bring the river back to its original form, the government has to take care of the mahajan public and the saint who runs it all. Will have to come forward, these four are considered the sons of the river and these sons have turned their back today, the government has become greedy.
He said that India is sick today because its rivers are sick, sewage and urine have been put in them, due to which the rivers have become sick, their water has been stopped. This is a big reason. takes away herself. Taking a dig at the government, he said that the land of the river belongs to the river, but today the land has been sold for earning, industrial polluted water is being poured into it for the sake of selfishness, this should not happen.

Urging the government to remove the encroachment at a fast pace and clean the dirt, he said that if the work continues like this, then the encroachment will not end, he will clean it further and will go backward.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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