Saharsa, 09 July (Hindustan Times). According to famous astrologer Pandit Tarun Jha of Kosi region, the first Monday of the month of Shravan is on 10th July. Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati are worshiped during the fast of Shravan Monday. On the day of Shravan Monday fast, Lord Bholenath is worshiped according to the rules and regulations. By fasting on Monday, the wishes of happiness, prosperity and progress are fulfilled.

Budhaditya Yoga is becoming a coincidence on the first Monday of Shravan. Shravan is called the month of fulfillment of wishes. Because Shiva is the only deity in the Trinity, who becomes happy very quickly if worshiped with a true heart. Fifth note of musical scale. Tarun Jha tells that worshiping Shiva on Shravan Mondays gives quick results. Many people also observe sixteen Monday fasts during Shravan.

During the month of Shravan, it is considered auspicious to offer Belpatra, Dhatura, Shami leaves etc. along with water to Lord Shiva. Along with this, the Kanwar Yatra starts in this month itself. She also starts fasting for sixteen Mondays. This time there will be 8 Mondays in Shravan. In which 4 will be of Shuddha month and 04 will be of Malmas or Adhikamas.

Fasting of the pure month of Shravan: –

First Monday fast – 10 July 2023,

Second Monday fast – 17 July 2023,

Third Monday fast – 21 August 2023,

Fourth Monday fast – 28 August 2023,

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