There are many actors in the Bollywood industry who have made a huge mark after playing the role of villain in films. In such a situation, these artists are depicted in such a way that they become iconic forever! Similarly, if we talk about Aamir Khan’s film Mela, then all of you must have seen Gujjar dacoit in this film.

In Aamir Khan’s film Mela, the character of Gujjar was shown in such a way that people started trembling with fear, but do you know why Gujjars are not seen in films after the film Mela, after all, where did the film Pardes disappear? If yes, then let us give some information about the dacoit Gujjar Singh shown in this film in our article today!

Actually, the role of Gujjar Singh was very much liked in Aamir Khan’s film Mela and in this film, Tinu Verma played the role of Gujjar, who was the role of a dangerous villain, but suddenly Tinu Verma has disappeared from somewhere, let’s know. After all, what work is Gujjar Singh doing?

All of you must have seen Aamir Khan Twinkle Khanna and many other actors were seen in the film Mela! The role of Villain was played by all three Sharma, due to which he got a lot of popularity overnight and he became a big name, in such a situation, if we talk about Tinu Verma’s film career, he first worked in the film Aankhen, after which He had acted in the Bhojpuri films Maa Tujhe Salaam and after Ghatak and Himmat and Mela!

Actually Tinu Verma had some dispute with his step brother in 413 in which he attacked his brother with a sword and ran away after that Tinu Sharma was caught by the police and since then till now Tinu Verma Verma did not re-enter the film industry, although he has worked in Bhojpuri films from 2016 to 2020, but he has not yet entered Hindi cinema.

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