Sun is transiting in Cancer from 16th July. This transit is creating a very auspicious combination in Cancer. Since, Mercury is already transiting in Cancer, the career and family life of the 4th zodiac sign people is going to be very good due to Sun’s arrival in Cancer.


There is a possibility of getting positive news during this period including promotion opportunities and experience of professional growth. Apart from this, individuals working in the government sector can look forward to advancement, while those working in the private sector get opportunities to get higher positions. Aries students will excel academically and there will be favorable chances of achieving excellent results.

Effects of Sun transit on Cancer

Sun’s transit is going to happen in your zodiac sign Cancer. This transit of Sun will bring favorable results and improvements in various aspects of life. You are going to get very auspicious results during this transit of Sun. Health concerns will be managed effectively. Along with this, there will be a quick solution to marital problems. You will get positive results in business activities. Those who are thinking of changing jobs will get promising opportunities. Along with this, the discord in their married life will also reduce to a great extent.

Effects of Sun transit on Virgo

Sun’s transit in Virgo will give good results to Cancerians. Along with this, your financial condition will also be very good. You can get financial benefits during this period. The day will be very good for the business class people. You will get height. Today you will get a chance to work with new people. You will also make some new friends during this period. Promotion opportunities are also being created for the people working in private Students will also get good opportunities for progress.

Effects of Sun transit on Libra

During the Sun transit, it will be very good for the career of the natives of Libra zodiac. Along with this, your financial condition is also going to be very good. At present, you will get positive results like salary hike. The transit of Sun will prove to be very beneficial for the people of Libra. Along with this, your confidence will also increase. If the relations with your family members are bad then today they can improve. This transit will bring positive changes in the lives of Libra natives.


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