How To Stay Fit: Staying healthy is a bigger challenge nowadays than ever before! Probably not even when man did not know how to farm. Because whatever fruits-leaves-vegetables-meat etc. were there at that time, they were completely natural. That is, food was scarce but whatever was available was natural and nutritious. Whereas today almost everything is adulterated. Everything from water to soil has come under the grip of pesticides. One or two of those things that are still completely pure today is coconut water. This is one food that should be consumed by people of all ages and every day in summer.

Why should one drink coconut water?
Coconut water is rich in nutrients. There is no adulteration in it.
Coconut water is very light and gets absorbed very quickly, so it gives instant energy.
Coconut water is the easiest way to avoid dehydration. You can also drink more than one coconut water in a day.
Drinking coconut water provides a good dose of many essential nutrients.
For example, drinking coconut water daily provides 10 percent Vitamin-C, 8 percent Vitamin-A, 17 percent potassium, 17 percent manganese, 6 percent calcium, 11 percent sodium, 15 percent magnesium.


How much nutrition is in coconut water?
Here are the approximate amounts of nutrients present in coconut water. So that you can know about its benefits…

45 calories
2 grams protein
9 g Carbohydrate 2.6
gram fiber
6 grams Vitamin-C
600 mg potassium
252 mg sodium
57.6 mg calcium
60 mg magnesium
3 mg manganese

What are the benefits of drinking coconut water?
Prevents dehydration.
The risk of kidney stones is less.
It is helpful in controlling blood pressure.
Works to keep the heart healthy.
Removes weakness.
Helps in improving mental health.
Helps in keeping the digestive system healthy.
Drinking coconut water increases immunity.
Helps in the development of children.
Maintains energy level in elderly.

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