There is no dearth of curd lovers in India. Be it breakfast or dinner, people always love to eat this delicious dairy product. Some people eat it with food and some people eat it with parantha. No other food item is required to eat curd. However, people eat it by mixing it with different things to enhance the taste of the mouth. Some people eat curd with sugar and some people with salt. Now the question is whether eating salt with curd is more beneficial for health or with sugar? Let’s know the answer…

Should salt be eaten in curd?

According to Ayurveda, curd is acidic. Its use can increase phlegm and bile in the body. However curd is helpful in reducing Vata. If you add excess amount of salt to curd it can increase Pitta and Kapha. Salt is anti-bacterial. This is the reason why salt can kill the good bacteria found in curd. People who have the problem of high blood pressure should avoid consuming salt in curd. Because this can increase their blood pressure. Apart from this, eating curd mixed with salt can increase the risk of dementia, hypertension, stroke and heart-related diseases.


Who should eat curd with salt?
If someone has acidity problem due to Vitamin C present in curd then they can add some salt to the curd. But don’t mix too much. Apart from this, diabetic patients can also eat curd by adding a pinch of salt.

Should sugar be added to curd?

According to Ayurveda, adding sugar to curd increases the supply of glucose to the brain, apart from this it also helps in boosting energy levels and keeping you hydrated throughout the day. A mixture of curd and sugar is considered healthy for the stomach. It works to reduce pitta dosha. Treats problems related to digestion. Ayurveda recommends eating a mixture of curd, sugar, ghee, honey and moong dal. Pitta, Kapha and Vata are controlled by eating sugar mixed with sugar and honey in curd.

Who should not put sugar in curd?

People who are struggling with the problem of weight gain should avoid adding sugar to curd. Because it can lead to weight gain. Heart patients and people suffering from diabetes should also avoid adding sugar to curd.

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