success measure Sometimes when we step out of the house for a particular work, there is a fear in our mind that whether our work will be completed or not because many times we see that our work gets spoiled as soon as it is done. The work which we think will be done immediately gets stuck at the last moment and then that work hangs for many days, months or years. If you are also getting repeated failure in any work, then try a remedy before leaving the house.

light a lamp in the temple of the house

If you are going to do some important work, then light 11 incense sticks and a lamp of pure ghee in the temple of the house. I pray to God for a safe journey. Along with this, remove the black mole seven times from your head and throw it in the north direction. By doing this the evil power goes away.

don’t say these words while leaving the house

If you are going to do any work then at such time you should not speak all negative words like shoe, sandalwood, wood, any kind of abuse, lock, Ravana, stone, no, die, drown, throw, leave etc.

must watch shubh chougharia

According to Hindu Panchang, before leaving the house one should visit Shubh Chogharia. When you travel, do not accidentally say offensive things about the river, fire and wind. These are the three sacred gifts of God, so they should never be ridiculed.

pour flour to the ants and take them out

Before leaving the house, the ants should leave the house after adding flour. It is also auspicious to feed birds, bread to a black dog and wet grain to a cow. Some money should be donated to the donation box of the temple.


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