New Delhi It is said that where there is a will there is a way. A person who struggles does not give up in any difficulty. Today we are going to tell you the story of such a student who achieved success by struggling.

A brilliant student who was not daunted by struggles, who defeated family circumstances and proved himself. When there was a strong wind in the rainy season, the tin-toppers of the house used to fly away.

Let alone studying, living in the slums also became difficult. One year was spoiled due to the Corona epidemic, because there were no resources for online studies.

Eighth pass Papa roams from street to street selling vegetables on a handcart. The illiterate mother works as a sweeper in three houses, then the house runs. To teach the child, the parents kept adding pie-pie.

Seeing the talent, the coaching institute also extended a helping hand. Now the promising son of the house is going to become an engineer. This is the story of Vishal who lives in the slums of Kota.

Vishal, who has shown his talent first in board exam and then in JEE Main, has got admission in chemical branch in NIT, Surat.

Younger siblings are also smart in reading

Vishal Vishwas had passed class 10th from Government School with 73% marks and class 12th with 78% marks. While Vishal got admission in NIT, sister Varsha also got good marks in NEET UG 2022.

Varsha proved herself through self-study but due to lagging behind in rank, Varsha has now made up her mind to study BDS. Whereas, younger brother Bipin is also studying in class 12th and has passed class 10th with 93 per cent marks.
Taught children by fighting against adverse situation

Vishal’s father Budhi Vishwas sells vegetables on a handcart, whose day starts at three in the morning. Mother Shefali washes the utensils and sweeps the house of others.

Even in the opposite situation, both taught the son. The son lived up to the expectations, worked hard, cracked JEE Main and is now going to become an engineer.

Father Budhi Vishwas says that seeing other children around him becoming doctors and engineers, he too got inspired. Allen Coaching of Kota has also helped a lot by giving relief in fees.

Monthly scholarship has also been offered while pursuing engineering for the next four years. Now both the children are moving towards success.
 Inspired by the movie 3 Idiots

Vishal told that I was very inspired by the movie 3 Idiots and decided to become an engineer. I told this to my parents as well. Papa-Mummy fully supported and said that you study, we will see everything else.

Papa goes to the big vegetable market at three in the morning and brings vegetables. Then by keeping vegetables on carts, they sell them by hawking in the colonies. Earns 300-400 rupees daily. Mummy goes to three houses to wash utensils and sweep.
 Shocked by father’s accident

Vishal told that his father was hit from behind by a motorcyclist while selling vegetables on a handcart. Due to this, he could not run the handcart for many months. During this time running the house had become more difficult. Then the mother started selling vegetables with them. Only then could food be cooked at home.

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