One million varieties of grain have been stored in one place in the Arctic to deal with everything from epidemics to cataclysms. When there will be nuclear war or any other way there will be shortage of grain on the world then this tower will be used as seed to grow grain. Shortly before, the one millionth variety was added to its special store room. Different types of grains are preserved in this special dome, known as the Doomsday Vault.

The doors of this tower are also rarely opened so that the grain is preserved in its original condition. This place is a new address for protection against endangered food and shortages for humans during epidemics of rice, wheat and other cereals. When the seed bank was destroyed, the researchers first took others out of the vault.

Two years later the seeds were grown again and the samples were deposited in the Svalbard vault. In 2008 this storage facility was built on a hill. It is named the Doomsday Vault because its purpose is to re-grow grain in affected areas when the plague spreads.

Enumerators enter this place once a year to prepare the seeds. When the vault was finally opened on 25 February, it contained seeds brought from seed banks in India, Mali and Peru. However, apart from emergencies, the Doomsday Vault has also been useful in times of peace. Doomsday Voltum, located between Norway and the North Pole, required breeders to develop a variety of grain from Doomsday Voltum. It is managed by the Crop Trust, an org.zation based in Born, Germany.

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