health tips: Sore throat is an infection of the upper respiratory tract. Sore throat is always accomp.ed by mild pain and discomfort in the throat. Medicines are not the only solution. Some home remedies can reduce sore throat. So read on to know about home remedies for sore throat.

gargling with salt water for sore throat
There is an easy solution. For this, first add one or two pinches of salt in the water and then heat the water lightly. After this, gargle with a glass of lukewarm water for about five minutes. It soothes sore throat and provides relief from sore throat.

honey for sore throat
One of the best home remedies is. Honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties. It helps in relieving the symptoms of cough and cold. In addition, it is an effective remedy for sore throat. Using fresh ginger paste with honey provides relief from sore throat and cough.


Ginger decoction
Peel the ginger and put it in water and let it boil for some time. When the water remains half, then understand that your infusion is ready. Consume this decoction in case of sore throat or pain. Drinking it two to three times a day is very beneficial.

black pepper
Consuming black pepper and sugar candy provides relief from sore throat. First make sugar candy powder. Now mix black pepper powder and sugar powder in equal quantity. Consume this mixture two to three times a day. Consume one-fourth teaspoon of it at a time and do not drink water for 30 minutes after eating it.


Tulsi astringent
Tulsi astringent is very beneficial for sore throat. To do this, boil water in a vessel on high flame. On the other hand, grind cloves, black pepper and cinnamon in the mixer. Put the ground spices in a vessel and boil them with some basil leaves.

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