Mumbai : Actor Sonu Sood is known for helping people more than his films. Sonu Sood does not ask for any help and he never returns empty handed. Sonu Sood helps everyone. Sonu helped when people were stranded outside during Corona. During Corona, Sonu was helping everyone from giving food items to reaching his village. The special thing is that even after Corona, Sonu Sood is seen running to help many people.

Sonu Sood remains very active on social media. He always shares information about what is going on in his life with his fans. Recently Sonu Sood has shared a special post on social media.

A special post shared by Sonu Sood seems to be going viral by storm. Sonu shared this post on the last day of the year 2022 and directly apologized to the people. Now the discussion is going on.

Sonu said in his post that in the last one year 10117 people were saved and cured. Sorry to those who could not make it…strength to do better in 2023.

Now this post of Sonu Sood is going viral. Sonu Sood is constantly seen helping people. Few days back he has started free classes for UPSC kids.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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