Kanpur, 08 July (Hindustan Times). Under the Namami Gange and Rural Water Supply Scheme of the Modi and Yogi government of the Center, 425 schemes have been approved so far to provide water to every house of the villagers of Kanpur metropolis to reach the last house of each village. A total of 276 tube wells will be bored. This information was given by UP Jal Nigam Kanpur Rural Chief Engineer E.R.B.Ram on Saturday. He informed that a total of 276 tube wells have to be bored to provide tap water to all the villagers including poor families living in rural areas.

Under the power saving scheme, 113 solar tube wells will be installed

The central government has prepared a plan to install 113 solar powered tube wells in the rural areas of Kanpur metropolis under the power saving scheme. Cooperation of BDOs and Sub-Divisional Officers and Electricity Department of all the blocks is being taken to identify the suitable land and place of boring for installation of solar-powered tube wells.

604 gram panchayats and 604 revenue villages in Kanpur Nagar

The Chief Engineer told that the work for this scheme is to be done in the rural areas of Kanpur city. There are 604 gram panchayats and as many revenue villages. Still many schemes are yet to be approved.

responsibility of completing the work on two comp.es

The Chief Engineer said that two comp.es are working in the rural areas of Kanpur Nagar, one BSIPPL and the other Vindhya Telecom Limited. After the planning work is completed, the responsibility of its maintenance and operation will be given to the Panchayat Department. However, the executive body will take care of it for ten years.

One thousand seven hundred twenty seven kilometer pipe has been laid

E.R.B. Ram told that so far three thousand seven hundred and 42 kilometer work has been approved for the rural areas of Kanpur city. However, at present one thousand seven hundred and 27 km line has been laid. In this way, pipeline work is going on in total ten blocks of Kanpur.

The Chief Engineer said that this scheme is being implemented jointly by the Central and State Governments. Some problems are also coming in the workplace. To remove them, they are also being removed by taking the cooperation of the responsible officers of the rural areas. However, the door-to-door tap scheme is also being appreciated in the rural areas.

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