Sidhu Moose Wala Video: It has been a year since Sidhu Musewala left the world, but he is still ruling the hearts of his fans. Seeing Sidhu’s videos on social media, it does not seem that he is not among us. Many videos and pictures of Sidhu often go viral on social media. Seeing which the fans get emotional, but now one such video of Musewala is going viral on social media, after which people have started respecting him even more.

In the video, not Sidhu Musewala but a girl is seen, who is speaking about Musewala. During the conversation, he told what lesson of life Moosewala has taught him. The religion of this girl is Muslim. She is saying, ‘Sidhu used to say that the day people understood that religion is made for man, man is not made for religion. That day all the noise will stop.’ He further said- ‘This story is before Sidhu’s song 295 came. Sidhu told me what I will do tomorrow, I will take vaccine, I will keep fast. Artist has no religion. You are a teacher ‘You have no religion, but all religions belong to you.’ Watch this video:



It is to be known that on May 29, 2022 in Mansa’s Jawaharke village Sidhu Musewala was shot dead. The family is yet to get justice after his death.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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