Shravan month is about to begin. During this, the number of people who worship Lord Shiva is in lakhs. On every Monday they remember Lord Shiva in their own way by doing special puja, worship, abhishek, chanting of Shiva mantras. But the priests say that a lot of care should be taken while worshiping Shiva.. Certain things should not be done under any circumstances. The worshipers say that because of the small mistakes we make, we get afflicted by Shivagraha. Let us now know which mistakes should not be made in the worship of Shankar.

Conch shell should not be blown under any circumstances:

Shiva worshipers should not blow conch shell under any circumstances. The conch is very dear to Shri Mahavishnu. Conch is very important in traditional worship. That’s why conch shell is blown during worship. Devotees believe that the corner where the conch is blown is the abode of Vishnu and Lakshmi. But it is said that one should not keep the conch shell in the conch shell while worshiping Lord Shiva. The month of Shravan is dedicated to Lord Shiva. That’s why it is said that one should not fill the conch while worshiping in this month.

Why don’t the cones fill up?

Once upon a time there was a demon named Shankhachudu. This demon was born by the grace of Shri Mahavishnu. It is very difficult to defeat him because of his strength. But everyone said that only the gods were surprised by his words. Along with this, by the grace of Lord Brahma and the grace of Lord Vishnu, Shankhachudu also got the armor of Lord Krishna. As a result his ego has increased. Along with this, Tulsi was also married. Tulsi’s armor makes her difficult to kill. But the gods went to Shiva. But they beg to be freed from the clutches of that demon. Vishnu also asks that Bhola Shankar to compensate for this.

It is believed that the conch shell was created from the ashes of Lord Shiva:

With this Lord Shiva kills Shankhachudu with his trishul. Then everyone is convinced that he will eat her body. Legend has it that this conch originated from the ashes of Shiva at this time. This is the reason why neither conch shell nor its water is used in the worship of Lord Shiva. Apart from this, Tulsi is also not used in Shiva worship.

Abstaining from meat and sex:

Also, those who worship Shiva in the month of Shravan should not touch meat under any circumstances. Not only meat but eggs, onions and yellow peas should also be avoided. Don’t even drink alcohol. Every Monday morning one should wake up and take bath and worship. Also, sex should be avoided on the day of worship, one day before and one day after that. Leave all that and focus your mind only on that Lord Shiva.

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