#BOYCOTTSonyTV : The Shraddha Walker murder case has created a sensation across the country. This incident of Chakchari is being considered as the most heinous murder of the country. Her boyfriend Aftab was accused of Shraddha’s murder. After killing Shraddha, Aftab cut her body into 35 pieces and threw them at different places around the capital Delhi. The investigation of this case has not yet been completed and its episode has been presented in a TV show, which has created a ruckus.

Many people allege that the Shraddha Walker case is being taken seriously in this show. Also accused of hurting religious sentiments. A hashtag named Boycott SonyTV is trending on social media.

Crime Patrol’s strategy did not work

The name of this TV show is Crime Patrol. The show recently presented the Shraddha case in a different way on TV. Its theatrical adaptation was done in the name of Ahmedabad-Pune Murder. Boycott Sony TV has been trending continuously on social media ever since Sony TV aired. People say that this story is of Shraddha and Aftab. Which is being shown with some changes in the show.

settlement in the name of conversion

The religion of Shraddha and Aftab has been changed in the show. Shraddha is portrayed as a Christian girl named Ana Fernandes. That’s why Aftab, who killed Shraddha, has been declared a Hindu. In the episode, the killer Mihir is a yoga teacher by profession and his mother is shown as a deeply religious woman.

Hindutva is the target

The first episode was shown on 27 December. According to the users, Hindutva is being targeted through this show. As shown in the show, Mihir beats up Ana after the wedding. In such a situation, his mother ties Kalava in her arms to calm his anger. Which incites religious sentiments.

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