Mumbai: There are speculations that Bollywood heroine Shraddha Kapoor has started an affair with film writer Rahul Modi. Recently both were seen together at the screening of a film. Shraddha first had an affair with photographer Rohan Shrestha. The affair lasted for four years between the two. It is being said that Shraddha’s family has also chosen Rohan. However, last year there was news that Shraddha and Rohan had broken up. Now Shraddha has started dating Rahul Modi, the writer of her film ‘Tu Jutthi Mai Makkar’. The videos of those people living together have also gone viral. That’s why it is believed that a new boyfriend has come in Shraddha’s life.

Seeing the pictures and videos of Shraddha with Rahul Modi, people are commenting that this Bollywood heroine does not like any actor. Earlier she had an affair with a photographer and now she has chosen a writer.

Rahul Dev

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