Buddhism Guru Dalai Lama is on stay in Bodh Gaya. From today, his teaching is also starting here at Kalachakra Maidan. More than 50 thousand Buddhist devotees from 40 countries are expected to attend this programme. Meanwhile, the matter of presence of a Chinese spy in Gaya is coming to the fore. Gaya police has released the sketch of that female detective. The name of the suspected Chinese woman is Song Jialon. His visa number is 901BAA2J and PP number is EH2722976. It is shown in the sketch that the woman has taken the form of a monk. She has short hair on her head, she is thin.
Mask has been made mandatory in Bodh Gaya due to corona infection. In such a situation, if a Chinese woman is seen roaming around wearing a mask, then it will be difficult to identify her easily. It is being told that this Chinese woman has been living in different parts of the country for the last 2 years. Although there is no record of this in the foreign sector.

Police is searching in hotels and monasteries

After the Chinese spy came to the fore in Gaya, the police are now searching for him in the guest houses, lodges, hotels and monasteries of Bodh Gaya. But so far no trace of him has been found. In the case, DSP Ajay Kumar has said that he has been asked to find the Chinese woman with the sketch. Apart from this, they do not have any information yet. There has been a stir in Gaya even before the devotees who came to attend the worship of Buddhist Guru Dalai Lama were found to be Corona positive and now the administration has lost its senses after the Chinese spy came to the fore.

Police is taking help of local people

The police are also taking the help of the local people in search of the suspected Chinese woman. Intelligence department is also active in this work. It is being told that a few days ago, the Police Headquarters has informed the Gaya Police about the presence of a Chinese spy in Gaya. Now that the sketch of the woman has been released, this thing has come in front of everyone. It is being said that the female detective has reached to get information about the program related to Dalai Lama and Bodh Gaya.

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