shocking news : It is said that children are the flowers of the house of God. Although some children are so innocent that their innocence is not visible anywhere. It is because of such children that the parents are in trouble. That’s why such children are harsh towards others as well. heart wrenching One A similar incident has come to the fore. While playing in the school, some children killed a child. private part I tied the rope. this kid got hurt (shocking news ,

This heart-wrenching incident took place in a New Delhi Municipal Corporation school located in Kidwainagar area of ​​Delhi. Only a few small children were playing in the Tolak school. This time the gang had tied a nylon rope in the private part of an eight-year-old boy. The group had fun with the boy by pulling this rope.

The next day when the child was being bathed, his eyes fell on his mother. After that when his mother asked him, the whole thing came to the fore. The mother immediately took the child to the hospital. The child was treated immediately. The private part of the boy got injured after being dragged with the rope.


After this, the girl’s parents went straight to the police station and lodged a complaint. The police entered the school and conducted an investigation. Along with this, the school administration was also targeted. What were the school teachers, constables and other staff doing when something like this happened to a child? This question has also been raised.

On the other hand, on the basis of the information given by the victim, the police have started searching for the boy who tied the rope in the private part. Are the children who bully the victim her own age? This question has also been raised. From this it can be seen that malpractices among school students are increasing. Children need proper counseling.

Rahul Dev

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