Octopus Stuck In Throat: A man arrived at the hospital with an uncontrollable sore throat. He told that he suddenly felt pain while eating food and he could not even swallow the food. After this, the doctor’s team did an X-ray of the person’s throat. It has come to light that there is an octopus around his neck. He had a half-life octopus around his neck…

According to reports, a 55-year-old man accidentally swallowed an octopus while taking a shower in the bathroom. That’s why the eight-legged octopus got stuck in the throat. They never came to know this. His health started deteriorating. Started vomiting. All the water in the body has dried up and severe pain has started while eating food and drinking water. Then he came to the hospital.

The incident came to light at Singapore’s Tan Tok Seng Hospital. The man was immediately X-rayed and scanned and it was discovered that an octopus was stuck in his esophagus. Not only this, the octopus was moving forward sucking the throat with its eyes and hands and the person was vomiting continuously. At first the doctors tried their best to push the octopus into the man’s stomach. But they could not succeed because his hold was very strong. Eventually the patient was taken to the operation theatre.

The endoscope was carefully lowered into the stomach and retroflexed. After this the doctor caught hold of the octopus and pulled it out. It is being told that this is a very rare case. According to another report, according to a case study published in Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology (CGH), the man was 55 years old and was suffering from dysphagia after meals.

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