Shravan month is the most favorite month of God. Devotees believe that by worshiping Lord Shiva in this month and praying with concentration, his blessings are received. It is said that on a Shravan Monday, special worship, worship, abhishek and chanting of Shiva mantras along with worshiping as desired will please Lord Shiva and bring good fortune. But pundits say that if certain types of things are used in the worship of Shiva, then one gets more virtue. It is believed that making some of the Lord’s favorite leaves a part of the puja pleases him.

Lord Shiva is also known as Bhola Shankar. He becomes happy with a little worship. They are pleased with the rules and regulations. That is why Bhola is called Shankar. Some leaves are very dear to Shiva. Astrologers say that pleasing Lord Shiva by making these leaves a part of worship brings his blessings.

Lord Shiva will be pleased by offering these leaves:

According to Shiva Purana, Jammi leaves are very dear to God. The scriptures say that Jammi leaves should also be offered to Lord Ganapati along with the Shiva Linga. According to the belief of full moon, by offering Jammi leaves to Lord Shiva, troubles go away, troubles go away, restlessness calms down, loss and profit. Astrologers say that Sh. Dosha is also reduced by offering Jammi leaves to God.

These leaves mean love to the Lord:

Bilvapatra is the passion of food God. However, scholars say that if bilva leaves are not available, Ravi leaves can also be offered in its place. On the day of Somvati Amavasya, offering Ravi leaves to the Lord God will make him happy. It is believed that it removes suffering, difficulties and loss.

These leaves should be offered at the time of consecration:

Cannabis is used in the consecration of Lord Shiva. Along with this, hemp leaves are also offered on the linga. It is said that God will be pleased by worshiping with hemp leaves in this way. The scriptures say that worshiping Lord Shiva with full concentration and a true heart bestows his blessings. Scholars say that there is no benefit from worshiping by diverting attention.

Datura fruit and its leaves:

Shiva’s grace can be obtained by offering Dhatura fruit and its two leaves. Astrologers suggest that if Dhatura fruit is not available, then at least Dhatura leaves should be offered to Lord Shiva. It is said that this will make Shivayasa happy.Durva leaves:

Many people have heard the word Durva Amrit. Special mention of Durva is found in Hindu scriptures. Durva is dear to Shiva. By offering durva grass on the linga one can get his blessings. It is good to offer leaves of durva grass, which is specially used in the worship of Lord Parameshwara.

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