New Delhi – Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar has given a big statement. There were talks with BJP in 2014 and 2019 elections. But the talks did not move forward due to the difference of ideology. But what should we react to the rebellion of nephew Ajit Pawar. He can work even at the age of 82. Sharad Pawar’s comment comes a few days after Ajit Pawar said that the time has come for his uncle to retire and hand over the command of Roopa to him.

While talking, Sharad Pawar insisted that he has not grown old yet. And repeating the words of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, he said neither I am tired nor retired. The NCP chief said he was working for the party. And he does not have any ministerial post. He said who are they to ask me to retire. I can still work. and working

Sharad Pawar further said if my appointment as the president of the party is illegal. So all the appointments made like Praful Patel and others are also illegal. He was not Praful Patel. Who proposed my name for the post of President and I was elected from all the property at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. Personal attacks on me by Ajit and others are being done at the behest of BJP.

Targeting Ajit Pawar, he said that Ajit was made Deputy Chief Minister four times. They were given ministries. Despite losing the election, Praful Patel was made a minister in UP. But not to Supriya, is it dynasty, then is Ajit saying this. This is wrong.

Pawar further said that this statement of Ajit is wrong. That we can go with the army. So why not with BJP, there is a difference between Shiv Sena and BJP, during and after emergency, Sena allied with Congress, we are against BJP. Either there is nothing significant Hindutva or just to mislead people.

On the advice of Ajit Pawar’s retirement, Pawar said who he is. I proposed to all these people asking me to retire and workers requested me to continue working I can still work I am not in any ministerial position. If I can So what’s the harm in working, I am working. BJP will run this government for the sake of the party, others should follow the orders of Delhi. Don’t say that I am old. I am neither retired nor tired.

Pawar disclosed that we had discussed with BJP in 2014 and 2017. But I was determined. That we should not do this because we do not agree on ideology so we did not do anything wrong to discuss because it is a democratic process. The important thing is that I have never gone with the BJP.

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