New Delhi: Shahid Kapoor recently revealed that he kept his father Pankaj Kapur’s identity a secret when he entered the film industry. He wanted to be loyal to his mother Neelima Azeem. With whom he was living after his divorce from his father Pankaj Kapoor. He also recalled a traumatic experience from his childhood when he went to a restaurant with his father.

He told a news channel that his father did not live in Delhi and they would probably meet once a year until he was 10 years old and shifted to Mumbai. Recalling that incident, Shahid Kapoor said that his father had come to Delhi and wanted to take him out. So he went to Nirulas in Delhi.

However, by that time Pankaj had become very famous because of his show Karamchand, so suddenly many people gathered around him when he was having food. One by one people started bringing carrots and asked Pankaj, ‘Eat it from our hands.’

Shahid Kapoor said that his father is a very reserved person and a serious actor who takes his acting seriously even while doing comedy roles. After this, Pankaj hit back at the people and said, ‘What are you doing, I am eating pizza with my son.’

After this Pankaj held Shahid’s hand and asked him to run away. Shahid shared, “I remember saying, ‘That’s pathetic’. After this incident, Shahid decided that he would not go out with his father as he was traumatized by the incident in his childhood. Shahid has recently celebrated his birthday.

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