New Delhi- People often break all restrictions in love. But Seema Haider, a resident of Karachi, Pakistan, has crossed the border of two countries after falling in love. The surprising story of this love that started with the PUBG game has become a topic of discussion across the country at this time. This love story of Sachin and Seema, who lives in Pakistan, has shocked everyone.

Let us tell you that the court has given bail to Seema and her lover. After this Sachin and Seema have been released. He also has 4 children with Seema. As the children were small, the children were living in the jail along with their mother.

Meanwhile, Sachin and Seema have made many shocking revelations. Sachin and Seema have been released from jail after getting bail in the court. Sachin and Seema Haider come home. During this, Seema said that I love Sachin very much. And want to stay in India with my children.

During this, Seema Haider also told that she has converted to Hinduism for Sachin. And very soon she will do court marriage with Sachin. During this, he has also told that his life is in danger in Pakistan.

Seema Haider will be told that she is not in contact with Sachin since the year 2019 and 20. If she goes to Pakistan, she will be killed. Seema further said that if the children have to go to Pakistan. So he can go but my kids also won’t go anywhere without me.

During this, Sachin told that he had fallen in love with Seema through PUBG. We met in Nepal. And then we vowed to be together. We even got married in Nepal, for me Seema has converted to Hinduism. Now I want to be with Seema.

Let us tell you that the police had recently arrested a woman named Seema Haider from Noida. The police arrested Sachin and Sachin’s father along with Seema. It was then revealed that Seema had come to India illegally from Pakistan via Nepal. And here she was living with a young man named Sachin. That’s when this also came to the fore. That woman has 4 children. And she had come to Noida from Karachi in Pakistan with everyone. It was revealed in the police inquiry. That Seema and Sachin loved each other. Both of them fell in love while playing PUBG. In this case, the police security agencies were shaken. The matter is still being investigated by the police from every angle.

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