Haryana song: Former Bigg Boss contestant Sapna Choudhary remains in great demand these days. People like Sapna Choudhary’s dance very much and people go crazy to get a glimpse of her. Sapna Choudhary’s popularity has increased 10 times after coming out of Bigg Boss. Although Sapna Chowdhary’s songs are already famous, but nowadays people have started listening to her old songs.

These days another song of Sapna Chowdhary is fast becoming viral in the internet world. The song we are talking about here. The name of that song is Kidnap Ho Javegi. In this song, Sapna Chowdhary is rocking the stage in red color Patiala suit in desi style.

The crowd is also thrilled after seeing his dance. People are matching step by step with him. The song which is going viral by Sapna Chowdhary is taken from the album Kidnap Ho Javegi. This song has been viewed by 10 million people so far. And thousands of people have liked this song.

This song was uploaded on YouTube channel on 29 March 2021. Talking about Sapna Chowdhary, today her shows are also held abroad. Sapna Chowdhary also went to participate in the Cannes Film Festival to be held in France. During this, she and her dress got a lot of limelight.

All the tickets for his shows are booked well in advance and the crowd goes crazy on seeing him. There is a different craze among the people regarding Sapna Chaudhary. Sapna Chowdhary has become a big celebrity today. Today she appears in films as well as in albums. She has also been a part of Bigg Boss.

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