Bhojpuri hot: Both Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh and actress Monalisa are big names of Bhojpuri industry. Both are counted in superstars. Pawan Singh and Monalisa have been active in the Bhojpuri industry for the past several years and are being given more than one film. His fans are also spread all over the world. Who likes to watch movies and songs of both of them.

Now a song by Pawan Singh and Monalisa has started going viral very fast. In this song which is going viral, both of them are getting very hot style. Which people are liking a lot. Both dance and start romancing on the road itself. We are talking about this song decorated with the hotness of Pawan Singh and Monalisa, the name of that song is Lela Raja Ji in Korva.

This song is taken from Monalisa and Pawan Singh’s film Raja Ji. Lyrics for this song are written by Manoj Matlabi and music is composed by Om Jha. The song is sung by Pawan Singh himself along with Priyanka Singh. The voice of both is very melodious and people’s ears like it.

Talking about the song, this song is going viral now. So far 38 lakh people have seen this song and about 20 thousand people have liked this song.

Pawan Singh and Monalisa’s chemistry is setting people’s body on fire and people are very fond of watching and listening to this song. Significantly, this song is from the time when Pawan Singh and Monalisa used to be in a relationship. The love-filled chemistry of both is clearly visible in the song as well.

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