School Holiday: Summer vacations are over. School colleges opened. But the heat is not taking its name to subside. It is becoming difficult for the students to go to school in the scorching heat after a long time. Parents and children are waiting for the weekends. 5 days of the month of July have also passed. Students are waiting for more holidays. Know when the schools will remain closed in July and August.

July- 10 Holidays (Tentative)

1- 8 July Saturday (2nd Saturday of the month)
2- 9 July Sunday
3- 15 July Saturday
4- 16 July Sunday
5- 22 July Saturday
6- 23 July Sunday
7- 28 July Muharram (Tentative) )
8- 29 July Saturday + Muharram (may also be)
9- 30 July Sunday
10- 31 July Last day of the month

In the list of holidays given in July, most of the schools will remain closed during these days. Some schools open for 5 days, there are 2 holidays in a week. Especially in play group schools, most of these holidays will be in the list. On the last day of the month, there is a holiday in some schools and colleges, in some there is a holiday, in some it is not.

13 Holidays in August (Tentative)

1- 5th August Saturday
2- 6th August Sunday
3- 12th August Saturday (2nd saturday)
4- 13th August Sunday
5- 15th August Independence Day
6- 16th August Parsi New Year
7- 19th Saturday
8- 20 Sunday
9- 26 Saturday
10- 27 Sunday
11- 29 Onam
12- 30 Raksha Bandhan
13- 31 Last day of the month

Some of the holidays in the list of 13 holidays given in August depend on the state. For example, Parsi New Year holiday has been observed in some schools and not in some. Similarly, there is no holiday on the last day of the month in all the schools.

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