Hariyanvi Dancer Sapna chaudhary Viral Video: Haryanvi dancer Sapna Chaudhary is such a face that people are eager to see. Wherever there is a stage dance program of Sapna, there is a crowd of lakhs of people. Not only this, his songs or any performance starts going viral on the internet. Seeing whom they themselves start making dance videos. At the same time, one of his stage dance performances is becoming quite viral. In which she is seen doing amazing dance.

Actually, a stage performance of Sapna Chaudhary (Sapna chaudhary Stage Dance video) has trended a lot on YouTube, seeing which even her fans are being forced to dance. In this video, Desi Queen Sapna is seen doing a powerful dance in Haryanvi song Hawa Kasuti Hai.

In this video, the dancer is wearing a red salwar suit and has a long braid, in which she is looking amazing. It can be clearly seen in the video that there is a crowd of thousands of people to see Sapna where women have also come. Seeing Sapna dancing, children and young people are being forced to dance.

You can watch this song on Sonotek Ragni YouTube channel where 301k views are also available on this video. People are watching this song again and again, especially the viewers of Haryana.

In the video of this song, Sapna’s expressions are being made on seeing which people are getting injured and people are blowing a lot of notes on her. This video is so powerful that anyone watching it will be compelled to dance.

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