There is no such person on this earth who has never made any mistake. When a person commits a mistake, there are two situations in front of him. The first is that he hides that mistake and the second is that he accepts it and apologises. It happens many times that after making a mistake, people want to apologize, but in the middle, their ego, or rather, their ego comes. That’s why it is said that apologizing to someone is also an act of courage. With this, if you make a mistake and do not learn anything from it then it can prove to be dangerous for your future. So let’s know some precious things related to the mistake in life, which can play the role of a factor in the success of any human being.

  1. There is no shame in admitting your mistake. Rather it shows that you are more intelligent today than yesterday.
  2. Just like a diamond cannot shine without being worn, in the same way a person can never shine without making mistakes. He will get success only when he learns from his past mistakes and improves them.
  3. The person who closes his doors to prevent mistakes, truth can never enter his place. If you will not accept mistakes, then how will you be able to improve them.
  4. Hiding it by mistake is a sin, but despite having made a mistake, not rectifying it is a bigger sin.
  5. No person becomes great until he makes some mistakes. It is believed that if you do not commit any mistake in the path of your success, then you are walking on the wrong path.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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