New Delhi: Indian team captain Rohit Sharma batted brilliantly against Australia in the third ODI of the series played in Rajkot and scored 81 runs, which included 5 amazing fours and 6 excellent sixes. However, even this strong innings of Rohit could not lead Team India to victory. But now Rohit has joined a special list.

recorded this record

In fact, Team India captain Rohit Sharma has become the second player to have hit 550 sixes in international cricket. Earlier this feat was done by West Indies’ legendary batsman Chris Gayle, but now Rohit Sharma has also got his name included in this special list.

Let us tell you that star batsman Rohit Sharma has hit 551 sixes so far in international cricket. Chris Gayle has hit 553 sixes in his international cricket career. That means, if Rohit Sharma hits 3 more sixes, he will shatter Chris Gayle’s record and he will become the player who has hit the most sixes in international cricket, which in itself will be a very special achievement.

If we look at Rohit Sharma’s statistics, he has hit 77 sixes in 52 test matches. Simultaneously, Rohit Sharma has hit 292 sixes in 251 ODI matches and Rohit Sharma has hit 182 sixes in 148 T20 International matches. In this way, Rohit Sharma has scored a total of 551 including all three formats.

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