Rice Remedies: Food is highly respected in Indian culture and disrespecting food is considered a sin. On the other hand, rice included in the food is considered very auspicious. Rice is also associated with blessings in Sanatan Dharma. Akshat means rice is offered to God in worship. Apart from this, rice also has great importance in astrology, because rice is also considered to be the form of the moon.

Rice is used in many functions from food and drink in the kitchen to worship and astrology. Yes, according to astrology, some special remedies done with rice grains can brighten a person’s luck. Rice trick is very effective in pleasing Goddess Lakshmi and removing the defects associated with the planet Moon. So let’s know about some special measures-

miracle of rice

for money gain

According to the Vedas, if a person wants to get wealth, then he has to put 21 grains of rice in a red silk cloth and fold it and keep it in his purse. By doing this, there is a possibility of sudden monetary gains for the person.

to improve the economic situation

If your financial condition is bad for a long time and you want to improve it, then take half a kilo of rice and keep it in front of Shivling and chant Om Namah Shivay mantra 108 times. After this, offer a handful of rice to the Shivling and donate the remaining rice to the needy. By doing this your financial condition starts improving.

To get rid of money crunch

If you are struggling with financial crisis, then you should perform Havan in the name of Lakshmi ji by mixing sesame seeds in rice and milk. Poverty is destroyed by this and Lakshmi arrives.

to get rid of inaccuracy

If you have Pitra Dosh and you want to get rid of it, then on the day of Amavasya, break some roti and keep it in rice kheer and feed it to a crow. You will start getting benefits soon.

Will get rid of the defects of the moon

If you want to get rid of Chandra Dosha, make rice pudding and offer it to the Moon God on the full moon day. By doing this, one gets freedom from lunar defect and money starts coming in.

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