Ahmedabad, 07 July (Hindustan Times). On Friday, on the first day of the two-day U-20 Mayoral Summit under the G-20 in Ahmedabad, the world’s first World Heritage City, delegates from India and abroad took a heritage walk and visited places of historical and archaeological importance in Ahmedabad. The invited guests were traditionally welcomed at the function org.zed at Kalupur Swaminarayan Temple. City Mayor Kirit Parmar welcomed all the guests and informed them about the heritage walk and its importance.

The Heritage Walk started from Kalupur Swaminarayan Temple and ended at Jama Masjid. During this, representatives from the country and abroad visited 22 places of historical and archaeological importance. These sites include Kalupur Swaminarayan Temple, Kavi Dalpatram Chowk, Calico Dome, Langeshwar Ki Pol, Doshiwad Ki Pol, Jhaveriwad, Ashtapad Derasar, Harkunwar Shethki Haveli, Fernandes Pul, Manek Chowk, R. Ka Hajiro, Jama Masjid etc. The guides informed the delegates in English language about the archaeological infrastructure, shrines, carvings, pole (street), chabutra and the importance of the sites. Along with this, information was also given about the cultural and historical importance of these places.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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