New Delhi: Telecom service provider Reliance Jio has removed a service from all its prepaid and postpaid plans. Apart from this, the app of that particular service has also been removed from the Google Play Store listing.

We are talking about JioSecurity. A recent media report states that Reliance Jio has removed the JioSecurity benefit from all its prepaid and postpaid plans. Along with this, the app of this service has also been removed from the Google Play Store. Notably, the app was still available on the Apple App Store. We hope it will be removed from this app store soon.

What is JioSecurity App?

At the moment the app is not completely closed, but reportedly Jio has completely stopped this service. It was a Jio exclusive app and was available only for Jio customers. As per the App Store description, the app gives users an extra layer of protection against cyber threats and online scams.

Protects users’ data

The description also said that the app was powered by Norton and was available on both Android, iPhone and iPad. In addition, the JioSecurity app also notifies users about malicious websites, pages, and more to keep them and their data safe.

service has been stopped

According to the report, Reliance has not only removed the app and all its plans from the Play Store, but has already removed the JioSecurity website as well.

What will be the effect on the users?

Although the app was not as popular as other Jio apps and services, it is unclear how many users will be affected by Reliance Jio’s removal of the service. only time will tell.

Rahul Dev

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