Relationship Tips: Nowadays many people consider relationship as a game to be played. Breakup and patchup all happen easily. On the other hand, there are some couples who are together for many years but their love never diminishes. So there are some couples who have lost love after being together for many years. It often happens that long distance relationships lead to separation between couples. So today we are going to know those things which can cause a rift in your relationship. If you do not know all these things in time, then your love can go away from you. So let’s know which things can bring a rift in your relationship. (What things weaken the relationship)

fear that your partner will leave you
If one person in a couple is insecure, they start to fear everything. Like if he gave me gifts then why? What would be the reason? Is he trying to hide something from me? So the person is afraid that my partner will leave me. That’s why people are in doubt. Due to this, distance starts coming in the relationship. That’s why never hide anything.

do not give each other time
Giving time to each other is very important in any relationship. If couples do not spend quality time with each other, do not talk to each other, then it can reduce the bonding between the two. Today’s busy and stressful lifestyle makes it difficult for couples to spend enough time with each other. It is affecting the relationship, due to misunderstandings, quarrels, the sweetness and love in the relationship slowly starts to end.

trust issue
Trust is very important in any relationship… be it friendship or working with your co-star in the office. Most importantly, doubt and feeling insecure while in a relationship slowly starts to crack the relationship. This can also be the reason for the quarrel.

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