relationship tips : Every man wants a good woman partner with whom he can spend his whole life. In any relationship, both have to take care of each other, if one person irritates more than the other then the chances of fighting increase.

We often talk about what are the habits of men that their partners do not like. But today we are going to see what are the things related to children which no boyfriend or husband likes and due to which quarrels happen.

Men do not like these habits of female partner

to be overly suspicious

Suspicion can undermine any relationship, it is not that men do not doubt their female partners, but sometimes women outdo men in this task. If you were asked about being late then why did you pick up the phone late? Most of the time men do not like to be questioned too much. If you try to exercise too much control over your husband or lover, then it can cause a rift in the relationship.

lots of time to prepare

There is no doubt that girls take more time than boys to get ready. But after a long time it takes a lot of time for the female partners to get ready for a party or any occasion. Traffic jam is a problem in big cities so it is important to leave home on time. But due to the delay of women, we are not able to reach any place on time.

longer shopping time

Every girl wants her male partner to help her with shopping. There is no harm in this because doing so strengthens the relationship between each other. But when the girls go shopping for any dress or accessories, then the boys have to sit behind. Children do not like this. They hesitate to go shopping together the next time because they don’t want the hassle.

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