Relationship Tips: After marriage many new responsibilities come upon us. Be it marriage or relationship, it is very important to trust and love your partner. If these two things are not present in the husband and wife, then distance starts coming in their relationship and they start living with each other to support each other. But due to some reasons the distance between them increases so much that they both cannot tolerate each other. In our country we cannot break it easily after marriage. But we are going to know at what point we should decide to walk out of this relationship.

increasing complaints against each other

If both of you constantly complain to each other and never talk to each other properly or lovingly then you should get out of the relationship.

manasin peace

relationship tips

If there is no mental peace in your married life then separation is inevitable. Because if we get hurt physically we can get out of it. After sometime it stops but if your partner keeps teasing you continuously then that relationship is not me.ngful.

extramarital affair

relationship tips

Many people live in extramarital affairs even after marriage. This affects their married life. If your partner does not support you when needed, then end the relationship soon.


relationship tips

Whatever the type of violence, we develop negative feelings towards it. If your partner is physically or mentally abusive, then break up soon.

communication gap

relationship tips

Maybe both of you are not open towards each other and your partner is not giving you time. Also, never admit that you are at fault, that means you will develop a communication gap. After that you will start growing apart, so always be open with each other.

give each other time

relationship tips

Husband and wife should always give time to each other. It is wrong to just be busy with work. Always give time to your spouse, go for walks with them or help them with their work at home without doing anything.

don’t get your hopes up

relationship tips

Many times we keep a lot of expectations before marriage but it does not happen. If you have expectations, they should be met by your partner. If you say that he should break the stars for me, then it is impossible. Don’t have any such expectation or many such expectations. (All photo credits: Pexels)

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