Bhojpuri hot: Bhojpuri songs and movies are fast spreading across the country and people are liking them. The songs and movies of Bhojpuri industry give a different flavor to the people. People get to see a style in these films and songs which they have never seen anywhere. Although there is more than one actor and hot actresses in Bhojpuri industry, but there are some artists who have taken their art to a different level.

We are talking here about Ravi Kishan, the most senior actor of Bhojpuri industry. Although Ravi Kishan started his career with singing, but in today’s time he is known for his excellent acting. His songs go viral instantly.

People like his films. These days a song by Ravi Kishan is becoming increasingly viral. Which people are liking. The song we are talking about. The name of that song is Phone Choli Mein. This song is taken from the film Kanoon Hamare Muthi Mein.

Ravi Kishan has played the lead role in the film. Actress R. Chatterjee is seen with Ravi Kishan in this song. Although this song is very old, but these days it is becoming increasingly viral and people are also liking it. This song is sung by Udit Narayan along with Gunjan Singh.
The romantic pairing of Ravi Kishan and R. Chatterjee in the song is blowing people’s senses. This song has gone on the lips of the people and is being liked a lot. You can also enjoy this song here. Today actors have become leaders.

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