Evergreen beauty of sandalwood. Even though she has been in the film industry for 20 years, but no actress has taken her place, so one and only Ramya is the goddess of fans.

If you stay away from the film industry for some time, people forget, but even after being away from the film industry for many years, the number of his fans has increased, not decreased. Now Ramya, who has returned to the film industry, is attracting people’s attention by sharing pictures on social media.

But recently people who have seen the hot photo shared by Ramya are praising how beautiful our Ramya is even at this age, like some people are commenting that Ramya is so hot after many years.

These days Ramya, who has gone on a foreign trip, is wearing shorts and a shirt, but this photo itself is disturbing the boys’ sleep. The short shorts she has put on looks like this photo has been taken wearing just a shirt, it is very hot, whoever has seen the hot look of favorite actress they are saying that it is Ramya who matches our Ramya Are. ,

Ramya, who is in the mood of the trip, is also posting beautiful pictures of nature along with her beautiful pictures on her social media site, whoever saw it is praising Ramya’s beauty and saying that the beauty of nature is in front of your beauty. There’s nothing.

She also shared a photo of her looking hot in saree. It was a picture of Sakath looking hot in a transfer saree. Whether Ramya looks modern or traditional, she looks great, the same… It is the same even today, isn’t it?

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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