Rakhi Sawant New Video: Who is the drama queen of Bollywood, Rakhi Sawant’s name is the first one that comes to mind. Many times Rakhi becomes viral on social media for her hydrams. Rakhi’s strange behavior surprises people. This video has now gone viral on social media. If you see Rakhi’s video, you will also be shocked. But this time Rakhi has crossed all limits. Hydrama has made an unexpected foray into the middle.

Rakhi Sawant’s latest video is going viral. Standing in the middle of the rain, Rakhi Sawant breaks not one, not two, but five eggs one after the other on her head. All this gimmick got captured in paparazzi’s cameras. Rakhi says she is doing this for a good groom.

Users also commented on the video. One wrote that everyone on earth is afraid of her, so Rakhi should find a groom in Pluto. Another user asked, so how many pigs are needed for Rakhi. People are making different types of comments.


When Rakhi Sawant fell in love, it did not take much time to get married. Rakhi was first married to a man named Ritesh. Both were also seen together in Bigg Boss, but their marriage broke up as soon as they got out of the show. Meanwhile, Adil Khan entered Rakhi’s life. Both got married secretly and Rakhi also changed her religion. Some time ago Rakhi had accused Adil. Now this relationship is broken.

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