Punjab News: Of Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann Today said that this is the first time that the Punjab government has given government jobs to 29936 youth of the state, which is a record as any state government across the country has given jobs to the youth in the first year. Not many jobs were given.

Addressing a gathering after handing over the appointment letters to 252 newly recruited youth in Health and Family Welfare, Power and Medical Research Department at Nagar Bhawan here today, the Chief Minister said that the youth should feel proud that they are part of the State Government. Which is working tirelessly to build a new Punjab. He said that this recruitment drive is being run by the state government purely on the basis of merit and only eligible and needy candidates are being given jobs. Bhagwant Mann said that this recruitment is being done purely on the basis of merit, in which neither any recommendation nor any trick will work.

The Chief Minister said that he understands the problems of the common man, he has recently regularized the services of those teachers who were doing their duty for a long time. He said that a teacher told him about his troubles and difficulties. Bhagwant Mann said that due to the negative attitude of the previous state governments, Punjab had lagged behind in progress and prosperity.

The Chief Minister said that the people who were living in luxurious houses during his tenure, have been thrown out of the political map of the state by the people. He said that the state has witnessed the beginning of a new era as the people have shown the way out of power to these invincible leaders. Bhagwant Mann sarcastically said that these people living in big palaces never cared for the welfare of the common man.

The Chief Minister said that now these rejected leaders are forming new alliances against him or trying to revive the old alliance. He said that the only aim of such alliances is to gain political power of the state by any means. Bhagwant Mann said that contrary to the thinking of these leaders, these people are working tirelessly for the betterment of the public and are using their position to serve the public.

The Chief Minister said that just like runways at airports help planes to take off smoothly, similarly the state government was helping the youth to fulfill their dreams. He emphasized that every possible effort is being made to fulfill the hopes of the youth and no stone will be left unturned to fulfill this noble cause. Bhagwant Mann appealed to the youth to make every possible effort to make their own identity in the society.

The chief minister also said that the state government is opening eight hi-tech centers to train students for competitive exams. S. Mann said that this center provides UPSC to the youth. Will provide quality training to crack the exam and reach higher positions in the state and country. He said that the aim of the state government is that the youth serve the country by sitting on high positions.

The Chief Minister said that this is the first time in the history of the state that the Punjab government is all set to buy a private thermal plant in the state to increase coal based power generation. He said that this would help in generating additional power by increasing the power generation of the state. Bhagwant Mann said that with the resumption of coal supply from the Pachwara coal mine, additional coal is available with the state, which can be used to run these thermal plants effectively.

The Chief Minister said that the State has sufficient supply and reserves of coal, due to which these plants can be operated efficiently. He said that the State Government was providing uninterrupted and regular power supply to all areas even during the paddy season. Bhagwant Mann said that the state government has already made adequate arrangements in this regard and there is no shortage of electricity in the state.

Regarding the Municipal Corporation, the Chief Minister said that this place has been witness to many such events, where the youth have got jobs in various government departments. He said that this shows the serious commitment of the State Government to ensure the welfare of the youth and open new avenues of employment for them. Bhagwant Mann said that it is a matter of great pride and satisfaction for him that all the youth have been selected purely on the basis of merit.

The Chief Minister said that these youths have become an integral part of the government and now they should serve the people with full dedication and enthusiasm. Bhagwant Mann Expressed hope that the newly appointed youth would use their pen to help the needy and backward sections of the society. He said that the newly appointed youth should ensure the welfare of maximum number of people so that every section of the society could get its benefit.

Rahul Dev

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