If you are also fond of eating popcorn or sweet corn while watching movies, then this can be good news for you. Actually, the GST Council meeting is going to be held on Tuesday. Some things can be discussed in this meeting regarding reducing GST. One of these is food and drink in the cinema hall. Let us tell you that in the GST Council meeting, GST can be reduced on many items including medicines, agricultural goods, food and beverages in cinema halls.

Actually, in the GST Council meeting to be held on July 11, there may be a consideration to reduce the current GST from 18 percent to 5 percent. If this idea is approved, then food and medicine will become cheaper in the cinema hall.

food will be cheaper in cinema hall

In the GST Council meeting, the Fitment Committee has proposed that GST on food sold in cinema halls should be reduced from 18% to 5%. The Fitment Committee is of the opinion that GST should be levied on food in cinema halls at par with restaurants. In this case, if movie tickets and food are bought in a package, they will be charged the same GST as on cinema tickets. But if food items are not included in the package along with the ticket, then the Fitment Committee has proposed to impose 5% GST on it.

these things are likely to be cheaper

Dinutuximab/Carziba imported from abroad for cancer treatment can be made GST free.

Food and drugs imported for special medical needs and treatment can also be exempted from GST.

GST on non-fried snacks may be reduced from 18% to 5%.

Satellite launches by private entities can also be exempted from GST.

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