Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Saturday that this period is unprecedented for the country. There are many challenges before the country. The whole world is accepting that it is India’s time. In a program, PM Modi said that there are many challenges before the whole world. We also have many challenges before us. Yet India is marching ahead with full potential.

While addressing a program, PM Modi mentioned the work of the government in the first 75 days of the year 2023. He mentioned about UP-Uttarakhand railway line electrification to general budget. He said that a part of Delhi-Jaipur Expressway has been completed. Many meetings of G-20 were held. India today is a fast growing economy.

He said that there are many stages in the development journey of any nation. There are many ups and downs. Whatever happened in the 21st century, it is amazing. The countries that have moved ahead so far had fewer challenges. The challenges in front of India are big and different in the circumstances in which India is moving forward today. Today the biggest corona epidemic spread, war is going on between Russia and Ukraine.

He said that I want to talk about 75 days. In these 75 days, the airport was built in Shivamogga, the biggest river cruise started, the campus of IIT Dharwad was inaugurated. India did blending by mixing 20 percent ethanol in petrol. E-Sanjeevani started. 100 percent railway electrification was done in UP-Uttarakhand. The country has got two Oscars. There were 28 meetings of G-20. India launched Operation Dost in Turkey. I am telling about 75 days because this is India’s moment. The sting of Indian culture is ringing all over the world. Our Millets i.e. Shree Anna are spreading all over the world.

Without naming anyone, PM Modi targeted the previous government. He said that the headline of the news in the previous governments was that there was so much scam in this sector. He said that today positive news comes from the environment. There are reports of construction of new highways and expressways. Earlier there used to be news of rail accidents, today there is news of running of new trains.

He said that when the country is full of determination, the scholars of the world should be hopeful. In the midst of all this, there are talks of disappointment, talks of humiliating India, talks of breaking India’s morale. Wherever something good happens, something auspicious happens, black vaccine is also needed. So today some people have taken the responsibility of this.

PM Modi said that the previous governments made their efforts, they also got results according to their efforts. We increased our pace. Earlier also toilets were built, but now we have built 11 crore toilets in the country. We connected 48 crore people with the banking system. Now the money for building a house goes directly into the account of the poor. We built crores of houses and gave them to the poor. Out of the houses that we have built, 2.5 crore houses are in the name of women along with men.

Rahul Dev

Cricket Jounralist at Newsdesk

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